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Author of books. Creator of enchanting worlds. Wild-hearted poet. EARTH KEEPERS, THE SECRET TRAIL - A new children’s fantasy adventure story is out soon …

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"Imagination—is where all things find their genesis.

There is not a thing that exists, nor a moment that is experienced,

That didn’t first begin as an etheric seed of pure potential—

In the great and infinite world of imagination."

                  —Atalina Wright


Welcome to the creative world of author Atalina Wright


A highly curious and adventurous child, Atalina was born in England in 1979 to Samoan and English parents, and spent many of her childhood summers in the English countryside along the tree-lined banks of the River Tees. Exploring, making dens and swimming in rivers were three of her early passions! At the age of seven, she was introduced to the epic realms of imaginative fiction when her father read her J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Throughout her childhood she also enjoyed classic stories such as Peter Pan and Swiss Family Robinson, which she read and then listened to, on cassette tape! And action-packed fantasy films such as The Neverending Story and The Goonies. From there, she developed a natural interest in all things ancient and mythological.

A creator at heart … and after several successful (and sensible) jobs in law and marketing, she entered into the unchartered lands of motherhood and took up drawing and photography, including; processing black and white film, by hand. She went on to study at Cleveland College of Art and Design, then worked as an artist — selling art across the globe, whilst exhibiting her work in local galleries. She also joined the artist's platform Artipeeps; a collaborative arts project which promoted well-being, through art. Atalina’s contribution to the project was a painting called Transcendence, in response to the work of poet Becca Audra. But it was an art and poetry installation, which she later created and exhibited at the Palace Arts Gallery, that would inspire a lifelong love affair, with writing. The installation was based upon one of Atalina’s own prosaic essays entitled ‘Into the Flow’ ... The piece was warmly received, and can be viewed here.

Since then, Atalina’s passion for books, poetry and philosophy has continued to grow, much like the branches of a very old tree. Throughout her career, she has written on themes such as love, nature, womanhood and spirituality, as well as delving into the more fundamental questions of life — inspired by her study of Metaphysics with the University of Sedona and the ancient practice of meditation, and mystical poets such as Rumi. She has published two modest collections of poetry. The most recent Unbound can be found here, along with some of its kind reviews.

After recently completing her debut novel EARTH KEEPERS LEGEND The Secret Trail — the first book in her new fantasy adventure series, Atalina is presently immersed in the imaginative worlds of storytelling and children's literature. Set to be released in early 2019; EARTH KEEPERS LEGEND The Secret Trail, takes us on a journey into an ancient land inhabited by powerful Elemental beings, creatures and guardians, to uncover the mystery of the Earth Keepers legend. Many of its pages were written along the banks of the River Tees, which also inspired some of the story and its characters! See here to discover more. And here, for author visits and events.

Wild at heart and with an unshakable love of nature, when she is not writing, you can often find Atalina wandering through the wilderness with an old camera and notebook in hand — penning poems, imagining worlds and seeking her own adventures ... or paddling in rivers with her children.

“Writing as the river flows, at home … where all the wild things grow.” ~ a.w.

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