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Exploring Cartography

Atalina Wright


This week, I’ve been mastering my cartographic skills and exploring maps from the Age of Discovery. Some, very interestingly, depict all kinds of mythological sea creatures and mysterious islands. Many are vastly and stylistically different to the modern maps we see today. I’ve explored maps in the shape of a rose, another drawn on the shoulders of the Greek God Hercules, one in the form of Pegasus the winged horse and some that depict the earth in a single hemisphere. Most of the early maps were either woodcut or created using copper engravings, which were later used for printing.

Thankfully, my cartographic challenge this week has been far less rigorous, with only entry-level requirements of inspiration, a good HB pencil, ink pens and parchment paper. And … after several drafts … I’m happy to have finished the first official map for my new #EARTHKEEPERS series. This will give readers a visual guide to the Elemental world the two main characters discover in Book 1 of the series. As a young girl, I was always excited when the stories I read, had maps to explore. They really fueled my imagination! More news on how and when the map will be revealed, coming soon!

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