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Force of Nature ~ Art and International Women's Day

Atalina Wright

ForceofNature Art 2 2018.jpg

‘Force of Nature’ – Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

She’s finally finished. I’ve been working on her for a while and wanted to share her for International Women’s Day.

This is a landmark year for women. Women across the world are rising. Women are standing together as one voice. Great men are standing beside women. And with the use of platforms such as art, stories, films, the internet and social media, many of us have the opportunity to share our voices globally.

I believe in diversity, equality and the phenomenal power of a woman. It’s inspiring to see women everywhere recognising their power to break the mould. We, as women, can define for ourselves what a woman is and who she will be in this world. We are recognising that we do not have to be one thing—we are multidimensional and often multi-passionate.

    A new narrative is unfolding. The Ying and Yang energies of life are seeking balance. Women's voices and journeys—once omitted from myths and stories of old, or given a reductive role ... are being heard and retold.

    Art has always been a universal language. And I have long painted women in admiration of our beauty and our strengths, as well as our vulnerabilities. Through poetry, I have attempted to express my own journey as a woman; the struggles and challenges, loves and liberations. More recently, I have consciously sought to create a strong young female protagonist in my children’s stories, with an equally strong young male character by her side. This, however small, is my contribution to the change that is being felt and supported by many.

    But in truth, women have always been a formidable force of nature!

    This #IWD2018, I will #PressforProgress to challenge stereotypes, inequality and bias including …

    • assumptions about women
    • stories that limit women
    • barriers to women's progress