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Life Outdoors.

Atalina Wright

A family trip to the Lake District in England over the summer holidays inspired this small collection of atmospheric black and white images. I first discovered the beauty of monochrome photography back in my twenties, whilst studying and exploring traditional film processing. Since then, I have always admired its subtle power as an artistic medium to capture the natural layers of the landscape and to reflect the stillness, or mood of a particular moment.

The Lake District is such a thing of beauty, that it's virtually impossible not to feel nourished and uplifted after a stay here. And whether the mounts are covered in mist, or the rain pours, or the sun streaks downs from the skies, everyone it seems, is out enjoying nature's wonders, or paddling in the lakes and streams. I love this kind of living; one with nature, close to the earth. Nothing lifts the spirit, inspires creativity or stirs our innate sense of adventure, as powerfully or transcendentally, as life outdoors!