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Atalina Wright


When I think of strong women, it’s not just famous or top achieving women that come to mind. In my world as a writer, I spend a lot of time alone, writing. And when I do connect with women, it’s not usually the award-winning kind that I meet. It’s the woman in the street. It’s the neighbour. It’s the woman walking her dog along the river. It’s the woman in the park, or the female friend on the phone. It’s fellow mothers and adventurers. It’s family. It’s community. It’s everyday life. And so, when I think about the strong women that I’ve met and that I’ve known, it begins a little closer to home.

To me, an inspiring woman ...

Is the woman who battled her way through an entire year, holding the fort and looking after her four children, whilst her husband had treatment for cancer.

The mother who lost her youngest son but found the strength to carry on, and stand strong for her two granddaughters; her son’s children.

It is the woman who was made redundant, and looks optimistically toward the future.

The woman in the supermarket who struggles to walk, but finds the time to smile and make conversation with a stranger.

And the woman who battles a debilitating illness, yet finds the will to create a support group for others like her.

It is the young woman who finds herself in hospital with a life-threatening problem, and courageously undergoes an operation from which she emerges stronger.

The women who struggle daily with anxiety, addictions and depression but continue to say to themselves, “I can. I will. I am ...”

The woman who leaves her beloved books, the ones that inspired her most, on the table, for others to enjoy.

And the female friend or friends, the sisters, who are always there, through all life’s highs and lows.

And the mothers who find themselves mothering alone.

It is the laughter, smile and kind words of a woman who understands you, who simply understands what it’s like, to be a woman.

And all the girls and women, young and old, who bring something different, to the world.

These are the kind of women, who inspire me. The kind of women I meet everyday. They may not be women who win awards. In fact, you may never hear of their trials and triumphs, unless of course you are fortunate enough to make their acquaintance. But rest assured, they are everywhere, living from their hearts and giving from their souls.

These are the kind of women that make me feel proud, to be a woman.