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Author of books. Creator of enchanting worlds. Wild-hearted poet. EARTH KEEPERS, THE SECRET TRAIL - A new children’s fantasy adventure story is out soon …

Crystallo Books

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It all started wITH…

A notebook and pen. The art of writing and expressing. A love of beautiful words. A passion for verse. A secret hoard of old books. A desire to create and continue creating. A love of freedom and exploration. An idea to make books that celebrate imagination, support readers of all abilities and that contribute to a new kind of Earth.

And so, that’s what we’re up to; dreaming, imagining, creating and manifesting … First one, then two and we’ll expand from there. Making a book and bringing it to readers is a team effort and usually involves; a writer and author, editor, cover artist and illustrator, book interior designer, printer, distributor, retailer and marketer. Some of this is done in-house, some is outsourced to skilled and creative people. All is done with the determination to create brilliant books that will inspire, uplift and bring joy to readers.

If you like our books, please leave a review either at your retailer’s website, or here. A few words sharing what you enjoyed most about a book is like a magical feather that travels to far off lands and helps other readers to discover it too. It stirs a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Plus you’ll have our infinite gratitude!

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Founder and Creator of Crystallo Books

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Life is so much brighter with a book; you can lose yourself and find yourself, meet interesting characters, see the world from fresh perspectives, gather wisdom, and have countless grand adventures. All, whilst snuggled up in a cosy corner at home, and sipping a cup of tea.