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Share your passion for great books and stories with other readers. Start a book or fan club. Draw a picture of your favourite character or scene. After spending months like a hermit, surrounded by half-consumed cups of tea … authors love to hear from readers. They love to know what you enjoyed most about the book, who your favourite characters are, and what strange places you read the book in. They love to see pictures of you with their books, and they love reviews!

If you have something spectacular to send us; a few words of appreciation, art or book photos, you can use this page to do it. We’re creatives so we love all kinds of creative expression. And if it’s okay with you, we may use it in our web, print and social media communications? But please say, if you’d rather not.

Also, one of the best ways to help your favourite author’s books to be discovered and shoot up the best sellers lists is to leave a few words online or at the retailer’s website. So, make a cuppa, or hot chocolate, or fix yourself a snack … and get writing. And who knows, you may even find that you have a talent for it … writing, that is, not snack making.

With exceedingly large thanks!

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