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Book Reviews

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Dear lovely Reader,

First of all, an enormous thank you for reading my books!

Knowing that there are story lovers reading and enjoying my new book right at this very moment is exciting, humbling and incredibly motivating.

One of things that I often hear from readers is that they want to write a review, but are unsure what to write. So I thought I’d create this brief guide to help you. Some of the things that readers have included in their reviews include:

Favourite parts of the story or book, and why.

Favourite characters and what they like about them.

Thoughts on the themes and how they can relate to them.

Overall reading experience and thoughts on the storytelling including; pace, excitement and how it made them feel.

And for poetry:

How the poems made them feel whilst reading them.

Poems that stood out for them and why.

How the poems relate to their own experiences.

Overall reading experience and thoughts on the writing style.

Whatever you feel inspired to share, please know that it will be gratefully received. As a writer and author, there is simply no better feeling than knowing my stories, words and poems have found their way into the hearts and imaginations of others.

See below for additional inspiration.

With love,

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Share your love of poetry, books and stories with others …

Share your passion for great books and stories with other readers. Start a book or fan club. Draw a picture of your favourite character or scene. After spending months like a hermit, surrounded by half-consumed cups of tea … authors love to hear from readers. They love to know what you enjoyed most about the book, who your favourite characters are, and what strange places you read the book in. They love to see pictures of you with their books, and they love reviews!

If you have something lovely to share; a few words of appreciation, art or book photos, you can use this page to do it.

Also, one of the best ways to help your favourite author’s books to be discovered by other readers is to leave a few words online at the bookstore’s or retailer’s website. So make a cuppa or hot chocolate or fix yourself a snack, and get writing. And who knows, you may even find that you have a talent for it … Writing, that is, not snack making!

Below is a useful way to send a review directly to Atalina. If you have images or fan art to share, send a message initially and she will write to you with her email address and a personal thank you!

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