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Author of books. Creator of enchanting worlds. Wild-hearted poet. EARTH KEEPERS, THE SECRET TRAIL - A new children’s fantasy adventure story is out soon …

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news (nuz) [p.l of NEW (cp. F. nouvelles, L. nova, pl. of novus, new)] Recent or fresh information, tidings ;


Source: New English Dictionary, First Edition. March 1932

News ~ New Children's Book Coming Soon!

Atalina Wright


I am very excited to announce ... the manuscript for my new children's book is complete! EARTH KEEPERS Book 1. The Secret Trail will now be readied for publication.

This will be the first installment, in a high-adventure fantasy novel series for middle-grade / YA readers.

More details of the book will be shared here, on my new 'News & Events' page soon. And also on my social media pages. Please join me here, and there (links below) for more #EARTHKEEPERSLEGEND news and exclusive snippets.

It's an incredible experience and feeling, to see a vision and story come to life. I have loved developing the characters and creating the amazing world they discover. And I can't wait to share this new literary adventure with you all.