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Earth Keepers Legend Giveaway!

Atalina Wright

EK Hoodie Giveaway.jpg

Dear lovely reader,

It’s been a month since I released Earth Keepers Legend: The Secret Trail, and quite honestly, the days have flown by! The book is now available across the globe and also from some local independent bookshops, which I am personally, really pleased about. See here for more information.

I’ve also had my first reviews come in. And some young readers have messaged via social media to tell me how much they are enjoying the book and also how much they love Aria Wilder. This is just brilliant. I’m so happy that my book has found some fans already, and that the adventurous nature of the story is having the desired effect! The book seems to appeal to readers of all ages, which is great. If you would like to join other Earth Keepers Legend readers in sharing a review, here’s a useful note.

As a thank you, I have a special giveaway! This is a longer-term giveaway, that will run (initially) for a couple of months. And it’s my way of showing sincere appreciation to everyone who has bought my book. The photograph above will give you a clue. Please note; the flowers are not included! To find out more, please see my Special Offers page here.

Best of luck!


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