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EARTH KEEPERS LEGEND, The Secret Trail is out now!

Atalina Wright


Dear Readers,

My new (debut) novel, EARTH KEEPERS LEGEND: The Secret Trail, is out and on sale now!

I’ve waited years for this momentous day and now that it’s here, it feels a bit surreal. Nevertheless, I’m enormously excited! All those sketches of bearded and bespectacled characters along with maps (to be revealed soon) and imagining wild The Goonies-like adventures have finally found their home in this first instalment of my new fantasy adventure series.

If, like me, you love; friendship and humour, nature, adventures, epic coming of age tales, a sprinkle of mythology, fantastical worlds, tree guardians and a few cheeky “noninut” (see Chapter Ten and Fifteen) throwing sprites — all mixed together in a dangerous legend-seeking quest, then this may just be the book for you.

The main characters; Aria and Ethan, are twelve-years old. But the story itself and themes within the book, I believe, are suitable for some younger readers, hence why it’s been given an approximate reading age guide of 9+.

I have really loved bringing this story and its characters to life. I say that all the time, but it’s true. What began as a vision of an ancient land filled with all kinds of interesting creatures and extraordinary human-elemental possibilities, has emerged into a world more wondrous than I ever could have imagined. In many ways, this world has come to life on the page. And not in a ‘I can’t tell reality from fiction’ kinda way. But in a ‘this is an amazing world and I would love this amazing world to be our world, some day,’ kinda way. Who knows, maybe it will be … My hope, in the meantime, is that my book finds you on a so-so day and takes you on a grand adventure, then leaves you feeling curious and a little bit hungry for more. After all, isn’t that what stories and books are for?

Find out more about EARTH KEEPERS, The Secret Trail, here. Once there, you’ll also find a free first chapter preview, created especially for your reading pleasure. There’s also links to some of the places that you can buy the book. And if after receiving or reading it, you feel inspired to share a photograph of yourself snuggled in some corner or outdoors in nature — proudly clutching your copy, you can do so here. Or alternatively, post a photo on social media (parental consent permitting!) with the hashtag #EARTHKEEPERSLEGEND and I shall do my best to say thank you, and re-post, if possible. Lovely reviews on Amazon are also encouraged and will help (in the words of Willy Wonka) to make the book a “giant success”.

I’m now embarking on a month-long book launch. After all that writing, it seems a shame to cram it all into one day. Instead, I will be sharing news frequently throughout the month and also announcing giveaways! Stay tuned … You can also keep tabs on me on my social media pages. Links are below.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me, it means so much.

Happy reading!

With bookish love,