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EARTH KEEPERS LEGEND, The Secret Trail is out now!

Atalina Wright

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Dear lovely readers,

My new (debut) novel, EARTH KEEPERS LEGEND: The Secret Trail, is out and on sale now!

All those sketches of bearded and bespectacled characters along with maps (to be revealed soon) and imagining wild The Goonies-like adventures have finally found their home in this first instalment of my new fantasy adventure series!

If, like me, you love; friendship and humour, nature, adventures, epic coming of age tales, a sprinkle of mythology, fantastical worlds, tree guardians and a few cheeky “noninut” (see Chapter Ten and Fifteen) throwing sprites — all mixed together in a dangerous legend-seeking quest, then this may just be the book for you.

What began as a vision of an ancient land filled with all kinds of interesting creatures and extraordinary human-elemental possibilities, has emerged into a world more wondrous than I ever could have imagined. My hope, is that my book finds you on a so-so day and takes you on a grand adventure, then leaves you feeling curious and a little bit hungry for more. After all, isn’t that what stories and books are for?

Find out more about EARTH KEEPERS, The Secret Trail, here.

With bookish love,

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