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EARTH KEEPERS - Cover Reveal!

Atalina Wright


Today is cover reveal day … for my new children’s novel EARTH KEEPERS LEGEND, The Secret Trail!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been MIA (missing in action) whilst I prepare for the book’s release in 2019. Ruben Fajardo is the talented illustrator from Spain who created this amazing cover art for Book 1 of the series. From brief and concept, to rough sketches … and then production of the final version, it was a fun and creative experience working with him. And he captured the spirit of the story brilliantly.

This fully illustrated cover has been created especially for story lovers and readers aged 9+. And you can now head over to the official book page here to see a gallery of newly released book images. More exciting news to follow!

Stay bookish,

Love Atalina