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Author Visit ~ School Poetry Week

Atalina Wright


I'm writing from my desk, having finished a week-long author visit to a primary school in Eaglescliffe, England. I was there to support the children during their school Poetry Week. Working with each year individually, we explored the potential of poetry as a form of creative writing and expression. We playfully explored the power of words and how their arrangement can create different experiences for the reader. We looked at how poems, in their brevity, can be a simple way to tell stories about our passions and hobbies. And also how they can be used to express our life's experiences and observations. The children went on to write their own poems, some humorous and witty, others beautiful and moving. Later, we created and punctuated a class poem using elements of each child's writing to form a collective piece. This helped to showcase the different styles and tones of writing, and how they could work together. 

All the children I worked with (even those who thought poetry was rubbish at the beginning) went on to produce great pieces of writing. The pure creative genius that is bubbling away in the hearts and imaginations of children, never ceases to amaze me. And this is, of course, one of the reasons why I enjoy working with them.