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Atalina Wright

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Dear lovely readers,

After taking a few weeks off over the summer to rest my weary writing fingers, spend time with my children and educate myself on some of the important issues around the world, I am very pleased to be back, surrounded by annotated books and half-drunk cups of green tea.

As always, I am driven by some invisible force that propels me forward and inspires an unshakable desire to help make the world a better place. And I intend to use my skills in whatever way that I can to contribute. Perhaps, one book at a time. Beginning with stories that entertain children and adults alike, and provide a mini-escape portal into beautiful worlds where darkness is no match for the mighty hearts of mere mortals, nature and of course, Earth Keepers! Somehow, it feels that this has never been more needed.

Earth Keepers is a story about self-discovery and empowerment. It's about being proud to be different and finding strength in what makes us unique. It's about overcoming personal tragedies, facing our fears and having the courage to become the hero of our journey. It highlights the motivating power of love and great friendship, and also the importance of well-timed humour (especially when hanging off white-mountains, being chased by giant hawks and fighting against beastly forces of darkness). And encourages us to imagine ourselves as part of the Earth and stewards of it. And I think these are really important messages. Though I do accept that escaping from giant hawks is an exceptionally rare event!

Over the summer months, I received feedback about several young readers Earth Keepers' experiences. From favourite characters, to proudly taking the book into school to do their own reviews in class! I am always amazed and grateful to everyone who reads my books. It inspires me to keep working hard and to make each new book even better than the last. And it has also helped me to make little tweaks along the way. So thank you!

I'm presently preparing to venture out of my writing cave into schools and bookish settings to share the power of stories and imagination. And I am very happy to tell you that book 2 in the Earth Keepers Legend series is now officially underway! 

And I'll also be sharing a few poems of love and gentle empowerment here and there, to help spread a little bit of positive energy.

Never doubt the formidable creative power of imagination and a strong heart.