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Poetry & Art Installation


into The flow.

As I write, words of love flow from within as though I have wandered into the sweet haze of a thousand falling blossoms. My hands are writing without direction. My heart is pounding with anticipation. Words form upon the page so fluently, they appear to bypass me almost entirely.

Like a first kiss; some offer a small but lasting sense of hope—lingering upon my lips just long enough to catch a glimpse of something beautiful beyond. Others leap forth onto the page with such wild abandon they appear to bypass me almost entirely.

I can feel summer brushing against my neck as the warm air makes its way through the window behind me. I take a breath and close my eyes; watching from within as light dances upon my forehead. I can feel what it’s like to be weightless; free of worry, free of pain, free of earthly burdens.

Then, just as quickly as I have been swept away into this beautiful nothingness, each breath is bringing me back. Until once again I am here, sat with pen in hand, writing—in love.

Wildflowers 1.jpg

About the installation

During my early art years, I was fortunate enough to have work accepted for the Palace Arts Gallery (now Nexus Arts). Some of the work that I was able to show were drawings and paintings. But perhaps my most defining artistic moment and certainly the most memorable for me, was this poetry and art installation. With support from the gallery owners, I was given a small space to transform. A tree filled with white paper blossoms and an old bench with notebook carefully placed on top, set the scene. The installation was inspired by the prosaic essay above, which I hung from the branches of the tree and have since published in my poetry collection Unbound. In the notebook, on the bench, was a half written poem which I asked visitors to finish. I was so thrilled when visitors of all ages, added their heartfelt sentiments to the piece. When the exhibit was coming to a end, I hand wrote the collective anonymous poem and tied it to a branch, for all to read.

Atalina Wright .jpg


It is enough to know

That I have been released.

Touched, endured,

Fused, overcome.

And that I have surrendered,

In a moment of sheer bliss.


My heart dances

And my hands become clammy.

How happy I am

In this peace.


To love,

And be loved

Is priceless, perfect. 


It has many faces,

You will find it in

The strangest of places. 


Love accepts.

Love is trusting each other,

And building feelings.

Love is dedication and loyalty.

Love is being there for each other;

Friends and family.


Love is the warmth in the heart.

Love is the opening of a flower.

It is the excitement of new beginnings!


Love is watching the blossoms

As the seasons go by.


Blossoms are like love

Bursting into beauty,

The secret smile of springtime!

Lifting the heart

And quickening the step.


Too short lived, the petals fall.

Like sad tears when

Love fades and dies.

But hope is there

In the stem and sap,

The promise

 Of blossoms next year.


Love is a word used so loosely,

A word sold and cheapened,

By misuse.


There is a space love

Can be all,

It is;

Freely flowing like liquid



Love gives permission

To itself, to be itself

And sparks life.


Love is longing,

Endless, timeless.

The true essence

Of our being.


We are one,

My soul and I.


Visitor Reviews

" Delicate, beautiful and deeply emotional."


"Beautiful poetry, stunning artwork and love the nature element that always runs through Atalina's work." - Elizabeth


"We made it down to see, beautiful!" - Kelly Ann


"Awesome work!"


"The art is amazing to look at." - Jessica