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Author of books. Creator of enchanting worlds. Wild-hearted poet. EARTH KEEPERS, THE SECRET TRAIL - A new children’s fantasy adventure story is out soon …



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Earth Keepers Legend Reviews

“What can I say - this book is magical and immersive.

A fantastic adventurous read from start to finish. Must buy. Can’t wait for the next in the series!”

“Fun and exciting adventure! Great story, really makes you want to sit outside in nature to read it.

Looking forward to the next instalment.”

“I really enjoyed reading your book. It’s the kind of story that could be for children but also for adults.”

Review of Unbound 2017.  Poetry beyond Wisdom & Imagination
Boundless Imagination in a Practical Reality by Realistic Poetry

"When we first open up Atalina Wright’s poetry book, we’re instantly greeted by a meaningful introduction that discloses a bit of the background and relationship the author has with the art of poetry…and we’re glad she included this explanatory statement! As she is a creator, naturally, her love for the world of art has inspired a beautifully composed collection of poetry with a radiant verbal glow to soothe the mind, personify wisdom, and unravel fanciful visions!
Many of the poems in this edition we’ll describe as 'alluring artistic attractions' that cordially entice the mind to plunge deep into Author Wright's charismatic pool of purifying words. And when you do, the experience is enlightening, exciting, and elevating with her sagaciously whimsical style of writing.
In addition to this, we definitely take note of all the fine details (pictures, scenes, time, environment, places, colors, and characters) neatly interwoven within her poetry to help outline the subject or topic at hand. Proving herself as a skilled and cultured poet, Wright is able to efficiently combine the force of intelligence with that of creativity, embellishing each poem through the use of marvelous metaphors, visually grabbing “word photographs”, and glimmers of wisdom that sparkle like gold!
Even in their brevity, there are poems with the potential to prompt readers to visualize and compare, simultaneously. The author provides an example of this method by using one of the most famous floral treasures known to mankind, the rose. The poem entitled “The Rose”, aside from its intoxicating elegance, is smooth (just like a rose petal) and evocative, showcasing one of our most favorite writing techniques used in the realm of literature, personification! In this poem, the character openly parallels her heart to that of a 'rose’, saying “with my heart soft and open, laid bare amongst these guarding thorns”, drawing a picture of an exposed, open heart, "naked and bare". Fascinated, we see this as our first opportunity to seize the moment and utilize the tool of imagination, a tool the author deems as one of the most powerful amongst many others in the world of art, according to her introductory statement. And we find that when we do exercise this capability, a "soft heart" is one realistically prone to risks, and in this case, willingly. But invasive or unwelcomed intruders might not get too far before realizing a fence of thorns encompass this extraordinary flower's precious love! 

 The next poem we will highlight is entitled “The Longing", and without a doubt, we believe this poem is easily relatable to mostly all humans, in general. She says “There is a longing in the heart for something real. A deep meaningful experience the soul can feel”, clarifying in only a few words, the universal desire to supersede the dark and empty shallowness of superficiality that is infamous for consuming the mind, body, and spirit. This deep “longing” she exposes is a transparent gateway to growth and maturity and is also one of the primary driving forces to spike our inquisitive nature!  
To add to this books diversity, she gives us some 'poetry adrenaline' in “The Waiting”, a poem that proposes the question, “What are you waiting for?” but who is the question directed to, exactly? Granted, poetry can be considered subjective, nonetheless, this message appears to speak to the idle soul that has grown stagnant (which humans are bound to become at some point) and confounded; by what, the author does not distinctly say. Even so, her words echo as tender sparks of motivation, as she instructs the waiting soul to, “Stop searching…” “...for the answers you seek- are right here”, essentially acting as a learnt voice of wisdom and reason. Once again, we believe this example of leadership reinforces the fact that the author is instilled with enough knowledge to help guide and steer others along the path of life. 
Following this, an exuberant power compels us in the author’s poem entitled “The Transcendent”, which provides an illustrious poetic account of those who rise, even from “rubble” and in the words of the author, “into a temple capable of housing the most incredible light”. As miraculous as it may be to transcend, how phenomenal is it to do so after being “crushed to the ground in an instant”? It is empowering, dramatic, and does a superb job at describing what it really means to soar to greater heights! 
Speaking of greater heights, “The Awakening” is a prolific and intense poetic explanation of an epiphanic moment when eyes are able to envision the world in ultimate transparency, “illuminating all that is seen into radiant color and vivid detail”, in which “the world is seen with crystal clarity and absolute beauty”. And the author's stunning, intricate, poetic language captures both the magnitude and effect of this pivotal instance, plus, she doesn't forget to inform us that it is a process - unlike the “transcendent” that is demolished, only to be reincarnated all within the same breath, ‘The Awakening’ is more than a moment, rather an expedition of enlightenment for the spirit to embark on “where a tidal wave of awareness hits like a thousand blinding stars”. This piece is luminously enthralling with a stellar theme! 
Contrary to the title of the book, there is also a poem we read entitled “Boundaries”. With a self-explanatory name, this poem escorts us back into the realm of practicality, and while we have been submerged in rippling imagination for most of the book thus far, the context of this specific poem is unmistakably real, saying “I forgive you, but I will love you from afar”, as the voice of the poem relays the idea of “boundaries” as something that is needed more than wanted, particularly when attempting to or forced to safeguard one's self from something or someone. From a different perspective, even though the character may claim to establish physical boundaries by implementing a gap in distance between their self and the person they love, internally, their love remains unconditional, forever, so she says “I will love you until the end as I have loved you from the start” with sincerity you can trust and feel.
Wright’s classic “two-tone” approach used throughout this collection imperceptibly entwines the prevalent element of imagination in truth and in fantasy, exploring the grounds of realism from an intellectual 3-dimensional perspective. More of our favorites from this collection include “Heartbrain”, “Poetry”, “The Creative”, “Wild Heart”, “The Imaginative” and “The Indigenous”. Poetry is truly boundless, with no limits or restrictions to thwart its phenomenal aptitude, and Author Atalina Wright embraces this fact with all of her heart, mind, and soul. Indeed, we rate this book with a 5 star rating, exceedingly impressed, marveled, and inspired! Superior work, Atalina!"

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"Atalina's soul speaks through her words. This is an honest and intimate book revealing how the healing power of poetry and the arts have provided an emotional release for Atalina and how they are important and powerful tools for her inner transformations. Atalina shares her connection to nature through an open heart. She interprets the beauty and wonder of all she perceives in the natural world through a unique voice which could not fail to uplift and inspire those who read the pages of this beautiful book." - - Jacqueline

"This is a beautiful, perceptive collection of poems, thoughts and stories illustrating the powerful influence of love, in all it's glorious and life changing forms, has on us throughout our whole lives from beginning to end. The collection includes poems of delightful togetherness, my favourite of which is 'I Love You !', painful separation and listless longing such as the touching 'His Other' - all of which I'm sure will resonate with most of us navigating our journeys through life. This is a book which one could definitely pick up time and time again to enjoy, rejoice and reflect upon the alchemical power of love!"- - Elizabeth Whelan

"A thought provoking and beautifully written collection of poems." - - R Godfrey

"How appropriate that a book of poetry about Love is filled with beautiful thoughts and ideas. Written in simple phrases, I suspect many of us will identify with the feelings and emotions presented here; some, fleeting and ephemeral; others more substantial but no more eloquent. Ms Wright leaves us in little doubt that she feels the soul dwells in the heart, and demonstrates this, time and again, in a few lines of cleverly-written poetry, or in the few longer prosaic pieces. Much of this writing feels intensely personal - as it ought to be - and its clear the events she has lived through have shaped her, dramatically. I can pay no bigger compliment than to say I have read this book, three times, and look forward to another!" - - Tony G

"A beautiful poetic journey into and about love. Atalina is a gifted poet and communicates with great depth and personal understanding. Each poem stands on its own as a meditation. When read consecutively, the poetry connects, merges and flows into a stream of rich, uplifting verse. A book that can be dipped into or eagerly devoured in one go." - - Jacqueline Nicoll, Children's Author

"If there is one book that you're looking to 'feed your soul' make it this one! I loved it from start to finish, and continue to read excerpts of it everyday just to remind me of the importance of love, how it changes and challenges us and why we should be open and grateful for it everyday. It does so in the form of beautiful poems and short stories which really resonated with me. This book would make a wonderful gift for a loved one. I highly recommend it!" - - Demelza D'Hotel

"I met this wonderful lady a few weeks back and her intoxicating personality intrigued me. I wasn't disappointed. I love the poems so much I taped one to my mirror where I get ready in the morning to set me up for the day." - - R A Wyatt

"Thank you so much for your piece. I find it to be both delicate and beautiful. Your work has certainly sourced Becca's poem intelligently and with heart. That's great to see. It will be a complete pleasure to put this out." - - N Mortlock, Founder of Artipeep

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