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Author of books. Creator of enchanting worlds. Wild-hearted poet. EARTH KEEPERS, THE SECRET TRAIL - A new children’s fantasy adventure story is out soon …




Unbound is a beautifully written collection of poetry and prose, with hidden pearls of spiritual wisdom.

Wander into the wild, through valleys and along riverbanks. Rest, reflect and meditate on the wonders of the earth and stars. Enjoy writings on life, love and enlightenment as you move through the pages of this soulful book.

"Love, like the wind - was born to be free."

— Atalina Wright



Available in paperback and hardcover editions.

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- Reviews -


"It is amazing to see how so few words can say so much. Unbound is small book with big heart and a big message. Simple titles like "courage", "strength", and "surrender" become thoughtful life lessons, meaning so much to each of us in so many different ways. Take time for some introspection and enjoy." - - Bev


"Proving herself as a skilled and cultured poet, Wright is able to efficiently combine the force of intelligence with that of creativity, embellishing each poem through the use of marvelous metaphors, visually grabbing “wordphotographs”, and glimmers of wisdom that sparkle like gold! Poetry is truly boundless, with no limits or restrictions to thwart its phenomenal aptitude, and Author Atalina Wright embraces this fact with all of her heart, mind, and soul. Indeed, we rate this book with a 5 star rating, exceedingly impressed, marveled, and inspired!"- - Realistic Poetry



"Atalina's soul speaks through her words. This is an honest and intimate book revealing how the healing power of poetry and the arts have provided an emotional release for Atalina and how they are important and powerful tools for her inner transformations. Atalina shares her connection to nature through an open heart. She interprets the beauty and wonder of all she perceives in the natural world through a unique voice which could not fail to uplift and inspire those who read the pages of this beautiful book." - - Jacqueline


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